When is the Steam Summer Sale 2019? All signs point to late June

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When is the Steam Summer Sale 2019? All signs point to late June

Like they always say, your wallet isn't ready - never has been, never will be. Sure as the sun rises in the east, Valve is making preparations for the Steam Summer Sale 2019, in which thousands of games will be discounted on its gigantic PC storefront. Granted, we still don't have any official dates for this year's Steam Summer Sale just yet, but some reliable leaks make it seem like the next deluge of deals is just a few weeks away.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 will likely start on June 25  

Put simply, it's looking like the Steam Summer Sale 2019 will run for two weeks, starting at 10am PT on June 25 and running through July 9. PC Gamer reports that Steam Database (perhaps better known as SteamDB) uncovered the leaked dates via SteamCN. Steam Database has a strong track record of being bang-on with its leaked info, so there's little reason to think differently regarding the dates and duration of the sale. All the annual Steam sales tend to start on a Tuesday, and the late June date lines up with last year's sale, which started on June 21.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 date leaked as per tradition, it will begin on June 25, 2019 at 10AM PST and will last for two weeks.via SteamCN and confirmed by multiple sources.#Steam #SteamSummerSale #SteamSale #SteamDealshttps://t.co/hqW4V5S2uEMay 15, 2019

Again, these dates aren't officially confirmed, but it'd probably be best if you start squirreling away some funds for a little shopping spree starting June 25. The only question remaining is: what do you plan to buy? I'm willing to bet that we'll see discounts on some the best games of 2019 that have been out for a few months, like Resident Evil 2 Remake, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Devil May Cry 5

As soon as the deals go live, we'll be sure to cherry pick some of the very best discounts for your consideration. And remember, try not to accidentally buy something you already own on another device just because it's so dang cheap. If you're curious, at friends at PC Gamer have also compiled a list of Steam sale dates for the rest of the year, in case you're making some really long-term purchasing plans. 

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