Grab 25% off 12 months of PlayStation Plus - deal ends this week

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Grab 25% off 12 months of PlayStation Plus - deal ends this week

If you want to do any online Battle Royale-ing or multiplayer-ing with (or without) your pals on your PS4 you'll need a PS Plus subscription. And they are at their most tempting when discounted. And for those that already have one, you'll want to maximise your money-to-months ratio by snapping up extra months or subscriptions when cheap offers come around; such as this 25% off deal. Either way, new or returning PS Plus-ers will be greatly served by this PS Plus offer at Amazon right now where 12 months of the service is down to $44.99 in the US and down to £37.49 in the UK.

PlayStation Plus not only grants you access and the ability to play with fellow gamers online, but sometimes can bag you extra, exclusive discounts on title at the PS Store and free games every month that are yours to play as long as you have an active subscription. It's a simple deal but its a really good one if any of the above interests you. Plus, remember that subscriptions stack so you can advantage of deals like this one regardless of how much time you have left currently - it'll just get added to it and stack up.

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