Cheap gaming PC deal! Get $800+ off this high-spec Alienware gaming PC

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Cheap gaming PC deal! Get $800+ off this high-spec Alienware gaming PC

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If you're up for a quality gaming PC or are due a big upgrade, there's still some banging offers on Alienware gaming PCs from Dell right now. Though they usually hold a prohibitively high price point, this deal is genuinely good and will offer you a great way into high-end gaming PCs and ray traced gaming. Over at Dell right now, you can get an Alienware Aurora R8 gaming PC with an RTX 2080 graphics card, an i7-8700 CPU 16GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD for booting plus a roomy 1TB HDD of storage, all for $1,452. This is due to an instant discount applied on the PC as well as the code SAVE17 that you need to put in at the checkout.

Yup, that is indeed a large amount of cash, and the price does include those extra dollars by having the Alienware name waved at the gear, but it's a bonafide quality collection of components that will make for a great value high(ish)-end gaming pc. The only chink in the armor might be its processor: ideally you'd probably stick a 9700K or 8700K variant in there instead of the 8700 that's present, but given that this is the only real downside, the value this machine offers is reinforced once again.

This will provide you with an instant way into ray-tracing for PC gaming, all while removing what for some might be the inconvenience and time needed to build your own PC. You'll have to swallow a bit of a premium to have it made for you, but you do get a warranty thrown in for peace of mind.

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With this taken into consideration, along with the specifics of the build, this Aurora gaming PC is a good deal; and, yes, even if $1,452 is a number to baulk at in the first instance. Just give it a few moments of analysis and you'll see the future proof-ness the PC will provide and the fact that you're getting something you can probably tinker with over time.

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