This Alienware Cyber Monday PC deal has an RTX 2080 and i7-9700K for only $1,650

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This Alienware Cyber Monday PC deal has an RTX 2080 and i7-9700K for only $1,650

(Image credit: Dell)

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Dell has had some killer deals on its Alienware line of pre-built desktops for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it's not done yet. Our favorite deal right now is an Alienware Aurora gaming PC with an RTX 2080 and Core i7-9700K, marked down $605 from the list price.

That's not quite as low as an earlier Alienware deal, but this has a faster CPU, which is also unlocked so you can overclock all eight cores to 5.0GHz. Besides the graphics card and processor, Dell gives you a 256GB NVMe SSD with a 2TB HDD, a nice looking case with AlienFX RGB lighting, and 16GB RAM.

You can also go with an upgraded model that packs an RTX 2080 Super and a 1TB NVMe SSD, or downgrade to an RTX 2070 and a locked i7-9700. Any of these Alienware desktops should keep you happily gaming at 1440p for years to come.

If these pre-built PCs aren't quite what you're looking for, we've been collecting all the best deals from across the web for PC gaming, from the latest graphics cards to the most comfortable gaming chairs, and everything in-between. We also have our own DIY guide to building a high-end PC out of Cyber Monday deals. Stay tuned to PC Gamer all through Cyber Monday for up to the minute savings.

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